(hidden) smilies on tmx

Following was found on the TMX forums, and posted by Swesebbe. I’m hereby posting it on my blog, just in case someone decides to delete it from the tmx forums.

I didn’t know where to post it so i decided this topic would be one of the best.. Some people from Tmn often asking me “How are you doing that kind of smilies” So Here is all smilies i know If you need/wants them



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tmx is back online

Expect some new Djoszee tracks soon.

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Tmx is down, try this

Tmx is down at the moment. As MrA states in a post on the official tm-forums:

Yep, the host wants TMX to pay for a dedicated bandwidth due to what they are calling a high level of ‘acculated traffic’ …

Read more here

In the mean time, this might keep you entertained:

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What’s up

The people that come here once a while will notice that my blog is kinda inactive lately. I got a degree last year and recently got a job. I work 40 hrs a week, so I have less time for gaming. I got hooked on worms again for a while, so I was completely inactive for a while on trackmania.

Talking about trackmania: I made a video a while ago that I forgot to post on my blog. It passed 2500 views already. Watch it below.

Don’t forget to read the post below this, it might be interesting for you!
Click read more to see the video


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My general ideas on server management

I thought I should share my knowledge on server management in trackmania. I posted this on a forum where I was asked to post suggestions on server management, so I decided to edit this and finally do a post on my blog again.

Everything I post below is what I’ve learned from personal experience. Our clan hosts 2 servers, of which F07Shorttracks is the most active one. I’m sure some of you played on it on tmn. I’ll splitt my post into several chapters, to make it easier to read.


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VictoryBoogieWoogie video

Something I made today. I wanted to see if I could upload a video to youtube without much loss of quality. I guess it’s okay, although I set the sound to fade out in the end (which youtube did not like)

Chicks on speed – we don’t play guitars.

Track on tmx:

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Small update…

Since tmx is down, it became a bit harder to release newer tracks. I have to be honest that I usually do not pay any attention to my tracks on this blog, but I felt the need to do so this time.

* First off. I have uploaded all my TMU and TMN tracks into my box.net widget. It’s the green box on the right ->
* Second. I have been working on some shorttracks for TMN, so I advise you to at least download the TMN zipfile, so you can see what I’ve been up to lately.


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