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I thought I should share my knowledge on server management in trackmania. I posted this on a forum where I was asked to post suggestions on server management, so I decided to edit this and finally do a post on my blog again.

Everything I post below is what I’ve learned from personal experience. Our clan hosts 2 servers, of which F07Shorttracks is the most active one. I’m sure some of you played on it on tmn. I’ll splitt my post into several chapters, to make it easier to read.

Imo a server should have a clear aim, what is it about and what is it’s use. If you choose to make a server hosting shorttracks, fine.

  • A server shouldn’t have more then 50 tracks, getting/achieving a rank would be too boring with alot of tracks.
  • Tracks with cuts should be removed imediately


::Types of tracks::
When you browse tmx, you will notice there are several kinds of tracks.

  • Speedtracks
  • Techtracks
  • Stunttracks
  • Other

When you want people to like your server, 70% of your tracks should be speedtracks. These are usually just press forward and steer, but they are the easiest to enjoy. You can of course make a techserver, but less people will visit it.
You can of course put other kinds of tracks, but bare in mind the following things:

  • Is it possible to respawn from every checkpoint?
  • Would an intermediate player be able to finish the track?
  • Does the track contain jumps that are only possible with perfect driving
  • Does the track contain obstacles that are only possible to jump over with perfect driving
  • Are the roadblocks diverse enough (is it dirt only, or is it mixed with other roadtypes)
  • Do the camera’s work / is there no annoying camerawork
  • Check the coppers of the track, you shoulnd’t host tracks with over 5000 coppers, they lag too much.
  • Do you like the track?
  • When you find some nice tracks that are part of a series, don’t add them all. They are a series because they are usually quite the same track. At least the driving feels the same, of the building style is equal on all tracks.
  • Awards on tmx don’t mean anything, it’s usually just give-and-recieve. Some people award alot and build shittracks. Just because they award alot they will get alot of awards in return. Best way is to test a track that fits your standards offline. Be sure that the tmx-trackpage at least has an author comment and a screenshot, if it doesn’t the track is probably a noobtrack. It could also indicate the tracker doesn’t care much about it, which means the track is probably a lazy piece of work as well.

From my experience you shouldn’t post tracks with jumps and turns that are barely possible. People with hate them, and you’ll see just 1/5 of the people on the server finish the track. Tracks that are dirt only aren’t that much of a succes either. You should look at the track from an intermediate player’s skill, because then it’s possible for at least half of the people on the server to finish the track. This doesn’t mean the track should is boring for the more experienced racers.

and of course very important Always test a track offline before you add it to your server
(unless I made it of course 😛 )


Imo 2 people to administrate a server should be enough. Of course other people can suggest, but they shouldn’t be able to mess with the tracks on the server. With the latest aseco you can (if i’m correct, i wasn’t able to test this yet) set up different rights for people on the server. You can give a person a ‘moderator’ status, so he can only ban/skip tracks/cancel votes/kick people and not remove/add tracks. This will keep your trackslist a bit brighter.
You should make logs of who did what on the server. Our forum holds a topic where the moderators post which tracks were removed (cut/too long on the server/boring) and added on our server.

It’s also a good idea to not delete tracks at a random time (unless they really suck) but do it on a scheduled day. I used to delete 10 tracks on Saturday and refresh the server with 10 new tracks


Well that’s quite a long post and I may have forgotten something. Don’t complain about my grammar please



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