Two releases on nations

March 13, 2007 at 7:31 pm Leave a comment

Hey people.

I think I should post about two tracks I released on nations about a month ago. It appears that alot of people missed them, while they are actually great fun.

The first track is very speedy. It’s an update of my old track called: ‘RushForward’. It recieved about 7 awards at that time, and I was one of my first tracks with ‘a lot of awards’. I smoothened it up, it should be alot better now.
Trackpage on tmx

The second track is called: ‘Bastards at Work’, which is a speed-tech track. I used the ‘under construction’-mod, one of my favourite mods and in fact the only mod I have ever used. This track slipped through the hands of many people, with 48 downloads and 2 awards this track can be called underrated for sure.
Trackpage on tmx

Both tracks were created for the F07 tmn shorttrack server, which you can find in NED on tmn.

Please check them out and write some feedback on the trackpages.

Another thing I should mention is the fact that alot of people keep submitting toptimes to my nations tracks. Both the known and the uknown. I would like to ask this people to at least leave some feedback, in stead of just having the profit from the high wr-ratings.



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